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This is the sign-up page for WWWomen's Webring of featured websites of organizations that support women in business. This ring, started in July of 1996, was developed to link women's content on the web on a virtual online tour. By using the ring, you can travel from one web site to another of organizations that support women in business until you eventually end up back on the page you started from (can also jump randomly!). It's a great way for people to sample a guided tour of some great women's sites. You can also search by keyword on our main search directory for women for a large selection of sites.

Guidelines for Acceptance into this Ring

Make sure you are applying to the correct webring. We can not accept sites which better belong in another one of the rings we host. And you'll want your site to be on a ring of featured sites for women that are compatible to yours. So check before you apply. The choices are:
(a) general ring for women websites,
(b) arts & entertainment webring for women,
(c) webring for organizations that support women in business (that's this page!),
(d) webring for women business owners,
(e) women sports webring,
(f) webring for moms,
(g) webring for women's health (new).

Requirements to be accepted into this ring

  • You have applied to the most appropriate webring.
  • Your site must be an organization - profit or non-profit, that supports women in business. If you do not specifically support women in business but are a woman-owned business, you'll probaby want to be part of our Women Business Owners Ring.
  • No adult content or sites with links to adult content.
  • We DO NOT accept sites where the code has been relegated to a "links" or "webrings" type of page. The purpose of this tour is to feature different women's sites and what the site is about, not the list of other webrings they belong to. It's also why our rings have a higher quality to them - because its a better experience for surfers.
  • Related to this, we do not accept sites where the webring code has been placed on an HTML page that is not linked into their overall site. This means that site would receive traffic but not give any to the next site in the ring, and that is hardly in the spirit of the ring of sites. You'll get traffic from other sites on the ring, but in fairness, it needs to be a page where visitors coming to your "home" page and exploring through your site, can find the page this code is on and explore the ring of feaured sites as well.
  • We do not accept sites that list more than 3 webring codes on the same page. Of the 1-3 codes listed, the WWWomen webring code must be listed first so surfers coming from our women's search directory do not get overly confused with non-related webring codes. Again, this is a quality issue and we want to offer the websites being featured in our rings quality and happy surfers.
  • Your site must be of sufficient depth and quality to be listed.

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