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Hello from the Community!

Here's a photo from the October Hawaii retreat! We'll add more photos as they are developed but it seems a good time was had by all!

Back Row: Lucy, Sadie, Carmel, Cindy, Christy
Front Row: Marianne, Anna-Marie, Harriet, Sheila

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Recently overheard in the Open Talk forum:

" Happy Anniversary! We both got on the boards one year ago this week. WOW what a year it's been. Thanks to all of you for making my life more meaningful. I've never known such an affirming group of wwwomen before and I feel very blessed and honored and humbled to have been accepted by all of you. "

" I joined this little family in August 1998. I, like many of you, have absolutely *no* idea how I got here. It just happened. I lurked for all of about three days til I felt comfortable enough to speak up. I can't imagine what I did before finding this group. Glad to be here for sure. "

" i think i've either been here since november of 1997 or late january/early february 1998. i just can't remember. i'm not very good with dates. i found out about this website because of an interview i saw on a television program with our illustrious kathleen. i posted my first day here, and y'all have never been able to get rid of me, since. "

" It seems like forever but I think it has been only nine months, I found it very strange at first, but soon realised that I could be myself and just contribute and respond, give and receive without being judged even though there has been some tough debates and some wimmin left, which I was sad about, but I guess that is how a community works, wimmin move in and out all the time. Thank you all for being here it is so great, I do not find it easy to make friends, but this way seems so much easier, more managable and supportive......long may it be so, I wish us all well in our community. "

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