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WWWomen Weekly Newsletter

This weekly (for the most part) mailing list will include news clips of interest to women, featured websites you may be interested from our search directory, trivia of interest to women, and other interesting tidbits.

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Just use the above form and select Unsubscribe instead! It will only find the email you originally signed up with, so look for that one if your current one has changed or you have multiple email addresses.

Emails that bounce will obviously be removed from the list. So if you are not properly receiving our weekly newsletter, try subscribing again with a current and valid email address. You would be surprised how many people have simple typos in their email address and therefore can not receive our newsletter.

Jobs4Women Mailing List

If you live in Northern California (or are thinking of relocating there), there is a mailing list to receive job listings and career development and networking events via email. Currently only focuses on jobs in the Bay Area of northern California.

To Subscribe, visit the Jobs4Women Mailing List signup page.

WWWomen E-Offers

What are your special interests? You may like shopping, or you may prefer books. You may be a free stuff hunter, or you may be looking for a business opportunity. Whatever your interests are, you can request freebies, receive news and information, discounts, and exclusive special offers on the subjects that you choose! 7 Million People have signed up for this free service, so check out hundreds of special interests below.

To take advantage of this special offer, simple check the boxes from the Topics below. Click as many checkboxes as you like, fill out the form, and click the Sign Up! button (or click here to view ALL the topic choices).

Surveys Free Stuff Pets Beauty Books Cooking Books Science Fiction Business Opportunities Fundraising Home Business Opportunities Small Business Owners Clothing and Accessories Family Contests Credit Cards Cooking Entertainment Magazines Parenting Debt Consolidation Finance Gifts Health and Fitness Pregnancy and Prenatal Crafts Home Deco Music Catalogs Consumer Offers Internet Shoppers Sports and Recreation Toys and Games

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Don't worry - we won't invade your privacy or figure out who you are - zip and year of birth is just so we can route age appropriate and local offers to you - actually cuts down on getting stuff you don't want.

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