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Freebies at WWWomen!

Here are some offers, promotions, free giveaways, coupons (all those fun sorts of things!) that you may find interesting or may want to try.

  • CoolSavings
  • CoolSavings is the place for BIG savings from your favorite stores, online merchants, restaurants, and travel companies. Membership and unlimited use of CoolSavings is FREE!

    Click Here to Start Clipping Your Coupons!

  • Zing
  • Your Images Come ALIVE! Turn your pictures into an interactiveve screensaver, wallpaper, or use them while you surf the web. Use your own images or choose from thousands - Extreme Sports, Celebrities, Jokes, and more. New images daily. ZingViewer - Install Now - It's Free!

    Click Here to Get Your ScreenSaver Now!

  • GreenTravel
  • Winter's chill got you down? Let GreenTravel.com warm you up. Hike the rainforests of Costa Rica, dive azure Caribbean waters, uncover the wonders of Tikal. They've done the work for you, putting the coolest destinations at your fingertips. So pick your trip, pack your bag and go!

    Click Here to Start Your Trip!

  • Anyday
  • Take control of your time! Schedule meetings easily. Get reminders - automatically! Manage all your contacts in your private address book. Find out about your favorite sports events, TV shows, and more - in advance. Organize your life with AnyDay.com! Click here for your FREE online DayPlanner!

    Click Here for your FREE online DayPlanner!

  • TurboTax Software
  • Try TurboTax FREE for 30 days at home and get a free gift, too! Try the leading tax return which has helped millions do their taxes quickly, easily and accurately. Here you can try TurboTax 1999 FREE for 30 days and be eligible for your FREE gift, Printmaster 7.0 Publishing Suite. Plus, now *E-Filing* is included FREE. Tax Season is here, whether you like it or not (smile).

    Click Here to Start Doing Your Taxes!

  • CatalogLink
  • Hundreds of your favorite catalogs are just a click away - FREE - CatalogLink!

    Click Here to Receive Free Catalogs

  • MyCoupons
  • These guys offer an online way to organize your coupon and freebie email into one easy to use FREE web based email account. They have interactive ShoppingBoards, shopping tips and information and so forth. Locate all of the great coupons found online. Sign up is free.

    Click Here, Sign Up Free, and Start Saving Money!!

  • SpeedyClick
  • Here a place where you can play online baccarat, poker, treasure hunt (don't worry, its legal!) or over enter over 35 contests to win money and prizes. A place to relax in between your serious surfing!

    Click Here to Play!

  • ETour
  • ETour lets you view a different start page every day. If your start page is the same old boring one. Subscribing to this free service is a must !

    Click Here and Spiff Up Your Start Page!

  • LifeMinders
  • Receive FREE personalized, practical email for all the important areas of your life: home, family, car, wealth, entertainment, pets and more.

    Click Here to Sign up Now and a Chance to Win $100!

  • Catalog Request Center
  • Hundred's of free catalog you can order! Find and request your favorite catalogs at this fun site. It's fast, fun and easy-to-use. Search by catalog name, product categories and name brands.

    Click Here to Search for Lots of Free Catalogs!

  • WorldPrints Sweepstakes
  • This is cool. Free Wallpaper for your computer. Pick a new look every week for a year!

    Click Here to Get Your Free Windows Wallpaper!

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