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3rd WWWave - Feminism for the next millenium.

ACLU Pornography & Anti-Porn Ordinance Information Center, The - Radical feminist site by Nikki Craft.

Against the Current - Solidarity is a socialist/feminist organization and Against the Current is their publication.

AmazonCastle.com - Webpages produced by Colleen McEneany, located in Fremont CA, as a gateway to feminism, online gaming and role-playing resources.

Anarcha-Feminism - Webpages developed as a resource about anarchist feminism, which provides a collection of texts, links and resources related to Emma Goldman.

Anschlaege - Feminist magazine for politics, culture, science and labour.

Anti-Feminist Reflections - Politically Incorrect Views of Feminism - A resource to feminists who want to know their opponent's views.

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) , The - International membership organization committed to gender equality and just sustainable development.

Association of Libertarian Feminists - Webpages developed for the Association, located in New York, NY, which provides newsletter articles and an opportunity for membership.

Balance Magazine - Provides the gender equality magazine that deals with a wide variety of feminist social and political issues.

Body Count Fem-uh-nist Zine - Created by a group of feminist punk rockers, which posts its latest issues and also offers a mailing list and a message board.

Borges, Eliane - Brazilian black feminist site directed to researchers and activists.

Bridges Jewish Feminist Journal - A Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends, a bi-annual in-print publication since 1990. Committed to intergrating the Jewish values of justice and repair of the world with insights honed by the feminist movement.

California NOW's Online Activism Center - The site includes the latest Legislative Priorities, Action Alerts, and a members-only Town Hall with chat, message boards, and the latest info.

Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc. - A non-profit feminist organization that produces and distributes films on social issues: domestic violence, rape, sexism in the media, homophobia, lesbian parenting, career planning for women, etc.

Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women - National, voluntary, feminist, social justice organization focusing on improving education and learning opportunities for women.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women - CRIAW - An NGO committed to advancing the equality of women through feminist research.

Ceiberweiber - The website of the EU project online NOW with various issues for women.

Center for Feminist Reading - Bookstore and library that allows you to immerse yourself in women's literature.

Center for Research on Women - Committed to continuing cutting edge work on pressing social issues.

Chicana & Latina Feminism - A biography of essential texts by women including Gloria Anzaldua, Cherrie Moraga, and Mirta Vidal and a thesis on modern feminism.

Choices Campus Community - Online resource for feminist campus activists.

Colorado Women's Agenda - A statewide network that champions social justice, political power and economic security for all women in Colorado.

Cthonia Institute, The - Knowledge-zone for women with interactive ideas, articles, poetry, things to ponder. With online books and essays, this site is s cyberspace retreat for bright, busy women today.

Cyberfeminsm - The expressions of feminism in girl zines.

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