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Sponsorship Opportunities

Beyond the Portals

WWWomen.com allows advertisers to go deep within the web - beyond the mainstream portal sites to places where women truly spend lots of time online. Whether it be a Run-of-Site buy across WWWomen.com, a run of network in BannerWomen.com (a network of over 300 female focused web sites), or a pick of specialty women-focused web sites represented by HerAgency.com, we guarantee you will get your message in front of women.

We offer advertising options both for advertisers with limited budgets as well as full-service custom campaigns for national advertisers targeting women online.

Economy AdPaks

For advertisers with a limited budget of less than $2000, WWWomen, Inc. offers economic AdPaks, which provides exposure for your product or service across over 35-40 female-oriented websites on the HerAgency network.

Offerings on the HerAgency Network:

  • AdPak $516 for 125,000 banner impressions
  • AdPak $975 for 270,000 banner impressions
  • AdPak 1854 for 900,000 banner impressions

For advertising targeted only to WWWomen.com, we offer the following AdPak:

  • AdPak 1535 (425,000 banner views targeted to run-of-site only on WWWomen.com) $1535

To order an economic AdPak, please use our online AdPak Order Form.

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Full Service Targeted Advertising to Women Online

For advertisers looking for a more customized approach to targeting women online, with budgets of $2000 or greater, WWWomen, Inc. offers a variety of options and various demographics of women online. If you would like a Sales Representative to contact you and discuss your specific campaign needs, you can use the form below.

Please note that we are not interested in any Per Sale, Per Action or Affiliate Programs.

Your Full Name
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Details of Your Campaign Needs and Budget:

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You can also call to discuss your advertising needs: (415) 673-0802

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