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Linking to WWWomen.com

Make WWWomen Your Home Page

Make WWWomen.com come up immediately as soon as you access the World Wide Web. To do this, you'll need to make WWWomen your startup home page, which is accessed as soon as you launch your Mosaic, Internet Explorer or Netscape browser or when you click on the home button in the toolbar.

Pull down the Options menu and select Preferences (it may also be found on some browers under Tools and then the first section of Home Page).

Select the Misc tab sheet. (or, if you see the box to enter a Home Page URL, then you will just change that selection)

Enter http://wwwomen.com/ in the Home Page text box.

The next time you start your browser, you'll go directly to WWWomen.com!

If this doesn't work or if you have any other questions, please let us know.

Put WWWomen.com on Your Web Pages for Quicker Access

There are several ways you can place WWWomen on your web page, not only for quicker access for yourself, but also to provide a value-add for your website visitors to the largest women's search directory available online.

  1. Place a text link...

    <a href="http://wwwomen.com/">WWWomen.com</a> - The Premier Search Directory 
    for Women Online

    This would look like this:

    WWWomen.com - The Premier Search Directory for Women Online

  2. Place an image link...

    <a href="http://wwwomen.com/">
    <img width=45 height=45 src="http://wwwomen.com/gifs/wwwlogo.gif" ALT="WWWomen.com"></a>

    This would look like this:


  3. Place our search form on your site...

    <form method=post action="http://www.wwwomen.com/search/search.cgi" >
    <a href="http://wwwomen.com/">
    <IMG border=0 WIDTH=45 HEIGHT=45 SRC="http://wwwomen.com/gifs/wwwlogo.gif" ALT="WWWomen.com"></a>
    <B>Search for:  </B> <input type=text name="simple" size=30 value="" >
    <INPUT type=hidden name="pageno" value="1" >
    <INPUT type=hidden name="partial" value="partial" >
    <INPUT type=submit value="Search" >

    This would look like this:

    WWWomen.com Search for:

Email us if you need help or if you have further questions.

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