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WWWomen.com Features

  • Women's Search Directory

    Launched in 1996, WWWomen.com screens every link submission for relevancy to women's interests. We don't try to list every link and give you a lot of irrelevant search results - we try to list the quality links you want to surf for. And because we screen links, we don't include adult and offensive links.

    Even given this strigent review, WWWomen still offers the largest collection of exclusively female-oriented web links online.

    URLs can be submitted for review via our Add URL form.

  • Women's Discussion Community

    WWWomen.com has one of the most vibrant and dynamic online communities for women. With over 50 different topics, women are sharing their life experiences and feelings and feeling a wonderful sense of community and support.

    The community has developed such a sense of cohesiveness, that many regular participants have begun to create retreats where they can meet each other face-to-face - even though many are from all over the world! They have also created The Hub, where they keep photos and articles of their retreats and other tibits about the community.

    There are also chat rooms when the community needs that more instanteous contact. Main menu for the Community can be found at: Community Forums Page.

  • The Virtual Woman® - A Syndicated CyberAdvice Column

    The Virtual Woman is a cyberadvice column internationally syndicated by Times Media Service. Sue Levin, co-founder of WWWomen.com, is The Virtual Woman and archives of the published columns are maintained on our site for your reading pleasure.

  • HerCards - Free PostCards Online

    WWWomen.com features HerCards, an excellent way to send a thoughtful electronic postcard to a friend or loved one.

  • Free Web Pages

    WWWomen.com knows not everyone is technically minded enough to build their own web page, so we offer a simple template helper where women can host a personal page right on WWWomen! Once they select various choices from pre-made lists and enter their own text information, they are assigned a password so they can come back at any time and update their page.

    Free web pages can be found at Community Web Pages directory.

  • Interactive Stories

    Begin reading a story written by other women visiting WWWomen. Get to the end of a chapter and there are two choices of where the story could go next. Click on one of the choices and if no one has written the next chapter yet - you can!

    Begin reading our interactive stories at our Community Hub area.

  • Sponsor of the World Wide Women's WebRing!

    WWWomen sponsors and maintains a free service which links together women's sites in a kind of chain, called The WWWomen's WebRing. A user can click on a special graphic of each participating site and jump from women's site to women's site.

    WWWomen sponsors five of these Guided Webring Tours: Main Women's WebRing, Women's Arts & Entertainment, Organizations that support Women in Business, Women-Owned Businesses WebRing, and Women's Sports WebRing.

    These can be toured via our WebRing Tours page.

  • Weekly Newsletter

    WWWomen offers its own informative weekly newsletter. It's free and easy to sign up. We also feature an excellent resource of over 300 mailing lists for women on a wide range of topics.

  • Women's Cookbook

    WWWomen hosts a virtual cookbook where women online, from all over the world, submit their favorite recipes. The cookbook can be found at our WWWomen Virtual Cookbook page.

  • Women's Survey

    We've seen the surveys on women on the Internet and the World-Wide Web. Who knows how reliable these figures are but we do know they are forming people's opinions about women online. We think WWWomen should add our voice to that public opinion. While not scientific, as it is voluntary, we still think the results from our users will lend a powerful statement to the public debate.

    You only need to fill out the survey once. Information will be entered into a database and survey results will be reported periodically to the media and interested businesses. NO information unique to you (such as email address) will be sold or given to external companies or sponsors! We want you to feel comfortable filling out this survey and adding your voice to the survey results of what women are doing online. See our Survey Page if you haven't filled one out for us yet.

  • WWWomen Site Awards

    In an effort to increase the visibility of well done sites that are made for women or by women, WWWomen offers an award of recognition: Best of WWWomen Site Award.

    Best of WWWomen Site Awards go to those sites we feel represent the best in content, inspiration, exploration, and presentation. These sites can display our award icon [sent by WWWomen] to increase their visibility and let their users know these sites have been recognized as great.

    We will also place the above icon next to your listing in our database and feature your listing prominently on an awards page.

  • Related WWWomen Web Sites

    BannerWomen.com is a banner exchange exclusively focused on female-oriented websites and is the largest such network available online with the focus on women. BannerWomen is a great way for sites to get free promotion for their website on other female-oriented websites. They do this by earning free advertising in exchange for hosting banners from other member sites.

    HerAgency.com was formed as a result of the needs of some sites on BannerWomen, which had grown large enough to begin to attract revenue-based advertising on their website. HerAgency now represents over 80 million views per month from female-oriented websites to major advertisers like Macys, Baby Universe, CondeNet, Family Education, and much more.

    Jobs4Women.com is a free mailing list with over 9500 subscribers who are female professionals from the Northern California area. Employers from Northern California post job openings on the mailing list and subscribers receive these job announcements for free via email. Topic choices include: Administrative, Business, Consulting, Education, Healthcare, Human Resources, Media, Miscellaneous, Nonprofit, Sales/Marketing, Science, and Technical.

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