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AdPak Order Form

Your Full Name.......
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If you are making your own banner:

  • Please sure it is 468x60 pixels, GIF format, and no larger than 12.0 k in total file size
  • Upload it to your server so we can come by and pick it up.
  • URL where we can view banner and download it to our server:

Select the Item You are Ordering from this List:

AdPak 516 ($516) 125,000 Run-of-Network views on HerAgency network

AdPak 975 ($975) 270,000 Run-of-Network views on HerAgency network

AdPAk 1854 ($1854) 900,000 Run-of-Network views on HerAgency network

AdPak 1535 ($1535) 425,000 views targeted to run-of-site on WWWomen.com only

Please note that the duration of AdPaks vary, depending upon the activity on the network and available inventory, but are scheduled to run in approximately 30 days.

I will be prepaying my WWWomen AdPak via:

Online via PayPal.com (Go to PayPal.com and "Send Money" to the account of paypal@wwwomen.com). This option is only for those who either already have a PayPal account set up or want to set a PayPal account up for themselves.
Check or Money Order in Mail (make check out to: WWWomen, Inc., 486 Jean Street, Oakland, CA 94610 Attn: WWWomen AdPak)
Other (describe within comments field below)

Please add additional comments we should know about:

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